Monetize and drive traffic from instagram by linking your posts to shoppable products with


Through, seamlessly transform your Instagram feed into an engaging gallery of products, available to purchase with just a click or a whatsapp message. Links Bio is a tracking system that cumulates information about your web presence and provides direct insights into your engagement, traffic and revenue gathered from your instagram account.



Create your online store with ease!
Our 3 step set up, enables you to have your shop in less than 5 minutes.


Shopping Links

Easily link your instagram images to create an online shopping profile to have the safest, easiest way to go from Instagram to checkout.



Eliminate the need to setup an ecommerce website and let the user reach you directly through whatsapp. Links bio allows you to preset questions that a shopper can ask. All you need to do is receive an order through whatsapp and reply.



Reward your followers and create the BUZZ! Add coupons and create advertisements to increase your reach. Add coupons and advertisements to attract more attention.


Real Time

Generate complete analytics of your Instagram account, based on followers, likes and comments. Links Bio equips you to track and measure the analytics instagram does not track itself like the follower growth and best time to post

Why instagram as a business platform?

Going mobile has been perceived to be complicated and expensive. Not anymore!


800 million+

Instagram accounts worldwide are active every single month.


500 million+

Instagram accounts worldwide are active every day.


80 percent

Accounts follow a business on Instagram.


300 million+

Accounts use Instagram Stories every day.

How it works

It's easy as 123

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Intuitive Design

Minimal and simplistic design to help you setup you products catalog from your dashboard. User friendly design to let your customers navigate to the right product

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Personalized Feed

Keep your store Dynamic! Take full control over what which products you want your customers to see. Gain complete access to personalize product images the user can see.

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Add coupons and Advertisements

Advertise and promote your best products through advertising feature which will add extra pics to your feed. Share your latest coupon codes to broadcast the latest promotions. This feature is well-suited for business users

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Advanced Analytics

Take no random guesses! Advanced analytics enables you to know what works and what doesn’t

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Quick Replies

Quickly reply to clients through whatsapp. Prompt any interested user to select from predefined product related messages and contact you directly or get their queries answered quickly through whatsapp.

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Add whatsapp Number

Don’t have your products online? No Problem! You can add your whatsapp number and your customers can reach your directly.

Plans & Pricing

Account types


  • Personalized Shopping Feed
  • Predefined/Customized whatsapp messages
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Multiple shopping links
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Coupons and advertisements